Admatis Ltd

The ADMATIS Kft is a micro-company founded in 2000, which is involved in space technology, the development of foam materials and infra-technology. Its partners include ESA and ASTRIUM SAS. It carries out experiments on the International Space Station using its own hardware. It supplies parts for the Sentinel 2 satellite, and develops metal-foam technology. It also directs a number of consortiums.

Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research

According to the Foundation’s aims, its task is primarily to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of Hungarian firms through innovation and technology transfer. It tries to achieve this task by carrying out various research and development projects. Their R&D activities concentrate on the following fields: materials science and laser technology; nanotechnology; biotechnology; information and communications technology; and logistics and industrial production technology.

Bonus Hungary Ltd

Bonus Hungary Ltd was established in August 1993 with American and Hungarian capital. Its main activities include: the wholesale trade, production and marketing of technological and maintenance materials used in the entire spectrum of industry, for direct users and retail sellers, together with specialized and technical advice.

BorsodChem plc

BorsodChem started MDI production in 1990 with the first unit and then added a second world-class MDI production facility in 2006. In January 2008 BorsodChem announced that it had achieved significant advances in the technology for the production of the key polyurethane raw material, MDI, which allows for capital-efficient debottlenecking of the existing plants at Kazincbarcika to 300,000 tonnes per year over the next 2-3 years. BorsodChem has well-established operating technologies for aniline, MDA, phosgenation of MDA to MDI, pure MDI refining and aqueous effluent management. Some of these have been licensed out to other manufacturers. Their investments include a state-of-the-art Service & Development Centre focusing on continuous product development and providing enhanced technical service to their customers.

CH plc

The company has operated in its current form since December 1989. It has 451 employees, and the value of its annual production exceeds 3,000 million HUF (€11m), almost 40% of which is exported. The company’s annual production capacity is 40,000 tonnes. Its products and services include: cold-drawn steel bars; peeled steel bars; grounded steel bars; cold-drawn wires, peeled wires and heat treatment.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County

The Borsod Abaúj Zemplén County’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established on 29 November 1964, and currently has 2,600 members. The Chamber’s task is the development of the county’s economy and the general representation of the interests of the economy. In the field of economic development, its aim is to increase the companies’ competitiveness and to strengthen the local economy.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nógrád County

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nógrád County (NKIK), as a public body, was established in 1995 with compulsory chamber membership, and it began its activity at the same time. NKIK currently has 539 members, 250 of whom are sole proprietorships and 289 of whom are corporate enterprises. The NKIK’s services are available primarily to those businesses whose headquarters or premises are located within Nógrád County, but are also accessible to other Hungarian and foreign businesses.

Federation for North Hungarian Industrialists

The Federation for North Hungarian Industrialists was established in March 1994 with the involvement of twelve companies from Heves, Nógrád and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Counties as well as three individuals. As such, it was the first regional federation to be formed within the National Federation of Hungarian Industrialists (MGYOSZ). Following the economic development traditions of the National Federation of Hungarian Industrialists that was formed in 1902, its aim is the representation of the capital operating in the Northern Hungarian Region and assisting it to have an effective role; and the formation of an economic environment favourable to this capital.

Fux plc

FUX Ltd, the legal predecessor to the current firm that operates as a closed share company (Zrt), was formed in December 1991 with four employees. Its main profile in the initial stages was the production and sale of lifting ropes and wire ropes for cranes. Currently the production takes place in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control regulations. Its products and services include: Bare Overhead Conductors, Insulated Overhead Conductors, Wire Ropes, Copper Products, Construction Wires, and Lifting and Fastening Technology.

Graboplast Zrt.

Graboplast zRt is one of the leading manufacturers in the interior floor-decoration market, and our management makes every effort to provide and preserve satisfaction for our customers. This generous mission determines the tasks of the operative board while leading the company: our activites are inspired by strategic thinking, technological and technical research and development as well as the honour of environment. These basic foundations have been assuring through four generations for Graboplast zRt the success, in each period of time, in each kind of economy. We are proud to be able to maintain our success and continuously improve in the field of interior decoration products, and to be able to change to the requirements set by the environment. Key success factor of Graboplast zRt are the committed, well-educated and experienced employees striving for the same goal: The satisfaction of our partners.

Medimetal Medical Products Manufacturing and Trading Ltd

The founders and owners of Medimetal Ltd built the foundations for the production of Hungarian implants beginning in 1969 in Eger, and the legal predecessor to the current Ltd began operating in 1993. Medimetal Ltd deals with the planning, continuous development, production and marketing of the entire range of implants used in bone surgery. Its quality control system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485. Its products meet the requirements of the 93/42 EEC Medical Devices European directive, are certified in accordance with this, and are entitled to use the CE conformity mark. The primary aim of its market policy is the fast and exact service to its customers. In addition to the Hungarian health market, they would like to extend their presence abroad.

Miskolc City Transportation Company (MVK plc)

Miskolc City Transportation Company (MVK plc) was established by the Local Government of the City of Miskolc on 1 February 1994. With its establishment, the Local Government ensured stable, efficient and rational operation and the conditions for the provision of high-quality services. Another change occurred in the life of the company on 6 July 2006: the Miskolc Holding Local Government Asset Management Corporation was formed, whose aim – together with its member companies and in harmony with the City’s strategy – is the effective company, urban and economic development. Each day, MVK plc transports about 380,000 passengers.

Miskolc Holding plc

The Miskolc Holding Local Government Asset Management Corporation is one of the largest and capital-rich company-groups in the City of Miskolc, and a crucial participant in the city’s economic life. Its wide-ranging activity, which also encompasses the field of urban development, is the sign of the city’s dynamic development. Its member companies provide the services required for everyday life: they operate the district-heating system, the water and sewage services, waste disposal, public transport and the parking system. Urban development, townscape renewal, urban maintenance and the rehabilitation of the city centre are integral parts of its activity.

MÜKI LABOR Plastics Testing and Development Ltd

The MÜKI LABOR Plastics Testing and Development Ltd was established on the basis of the former well-known Hungarian Plastics Research Institute (MÜKI). The professional experience and language-skills of their staff, supported by the technical equipment in their laboratory, ensure that they can provide solutions for problems in any area of industry where plastic products or components are used, whether the problem is related to the raw materials, the technology, the products or their use.

Nano Pro Ltd.

The founders of the company Nanopro Ltd. have decades of experience in the area of cleaning technology. Our company places a special emphasis on prevention. Therefore, we specialize in surface treatment through the use of nanotechnology. We offer a wide range of cleaning technological diagnoses as well as advice/training on cleaning technology. Nanopro Ltd. uses nanotechnology to provide the highest level of quality in surface treatment, such as using a mold release agent for mold detachment in different industrial areas, national monument protection, public buildings/institutions, hospitals, and vehicles.

Nano-Korr Ltd

Protection against corrosion of the highest quality, using the achievements of nanotechnology.

North Hungarian Regional Innovation Agency, Non-Profit Corporation

The operational aim of the North Hungarian Regional Innovation Agency, Non-Profit Corporation is to assist and develop the economic competitiveness of the region and of the companies operating in the region, especially the small- and medium-sized businesses. This is achieved through the stimulus of the research and development underway in the region, and of the processes leading to innovation; through the continuous improvement of the local conditions; through the deliberate encouragement and development of knowledge- and technology-transfer; and through taking advantage of the synergies that can be achieved through the encouragement of network relationships.

Press-Pic Packing Technology and Environment Management Ltd

Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The task of the Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Sciences (MFA) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) is: interdisciplinary research on complex functional materials and nanometer-sized structures; exploration of physical, chemical and biological principles; their application in integrated micro- and nanosystems, and in the development of examination techniques; and the dissemination and use of the results attained in graduate and postgraduate training, and in international and domestic industrial R&D programmes, with special attention to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. The MFA is a member of the Condensed Matter Research Centre (CMRC) of the Central Research Institute for Physics (KFKI) of the MTA: CMRC has been declared a Centre of Excellence by the European Commission.


The company’s predecessor was founded by the two owners of the business in 1980. It has operated in its current form since 1995. The company is involved in design; tool-making; small-scale and mass production metal parts based on CAD/CAM systems; and plastic injection moulding. Currently it employs 53 people and operates on 1500m2 of workshops and offices. Its products are primarily used in the car industry, the pharmaceutical industry and by producers of electronic and computer devices and equipment.

University of Miskolc

In 1999 the University of Miskolc celebrated its 50th birthday, but its historical past extends back 268 years. Education in almost sixty disciplines in the university’s seven faculties and two institutes provides ample opportunities for parallel training. Uniquely in Hungary, the University of Miskolc was built outside the town on a separate campus, covering an area of around 200 acres. This provides possibilities for the modernization and expansion of the infrastructure, which is increasingly demanded by the more than 14,000 students who study here and the almost 2,000 lecturers and staff. In addition to the modernization underway in the university, plans for the near future include a student ‘hotel’ with two-bedded rooms, a swimming pool and a shopping complex.

Wamsler SE

Wamsler is a well-known both in Hungary and the rest of the EU as a producer of a range of alternative and traditional heating products. Wamsler SE is the legal successor to the 110 year-old Salgótarján Iron Foundry and Stove Factory (SVT). An important stage in the history of the company occurred in 2001, when SVT bought the 134 year-old German retail firm, the Wamsler GMBH. Thus a traditional manufacturer and a retail firm formed a single unit. The current structure with majority Hungarian ownership was formed in 1995, and from then on the creation of a new business and marketing strategy began. Wamsler SE’s main export market is Germany and other Western European countries. 80% of its products are exported. It is a market-leader in Hungary, with a 50% market-share.