Ongoing projects



The ‘Almanac’ website of the Košice-Miskolc regions (on opposite sides of the border) for the stimulus of business contacts


The creation of new business and consultative information and marketing services and tools for the new and existing consultative and information structures. The organization and implementation of business events to facilitate the sharing of intellectual capital, the spread of best practices and the exchange of experience.


Regional Centre for Advanced Material Development and Characterisation from Nano to Macro Scale


This project’s long-term aim is that the BAY-MISKOLC will be the Central and Eastern European centre for the development and examination of modern materials. It is also the aim of the project to encourage cooperation between researchers in order to increase participation in FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) projects.


The preparation of nano-structured titanium and its application in human medicine, for bone implants and muscle-replacing prostheses


The project’s aim is the development of production technology, and its application in an industrial setting, through which semi-finished products can be manufactured using high-tensile titanium, consisting of ultra-fine-grained (nano) crystals and with an appropriate plasticity (of commercial purity and alloyed). With these, traumatological and orthopaedic medical equipment (implants and prostheses) can be produced.